[My Strange Hero] FINALE Eps 31 & 32 spoilers, Yoo Seung Ho ♥ Jo Bo Ah

Article: Naver 'My Strange Hero' Kim Yeo Jin arrested, Yoo Seung Ho  Jo Bo Ah, a sweet graduation ceremony only for the two 

1. [+469,-28]
My life drama, My Strange Hero! I was really happy after watching the final episode. If there's a chance, how about season 2?? BokSooJung was really the best! Scriptwriter, director, thank you for creating this drama.

2. [+291,-6]
I had enjoyed my Mondays and Tuesdays because of My Strange Hero~ They have taught a huge lesson on education and the society!! I've enjoyed this drama! The actors, staff, everyone, thank you!!

3. [+212,-5]
That most beautiful, heart fluttering and refreshing ending was the best. ♡

4. [+144,-3]
The last scene was really pretty. ^_^ Bok Soo-ya, Soo Jung-ya, goodbye~~!!

5. [+145,-11]
Yoo Seung Ho forever. Jo Bo Ah forever.❤️❤️

6. [+39,-0]
This is the only kind drama among the rest in the whole week. It was really healing.

7. [+28,-0]
It was warm and healing~ Thanks to Yoo Seung Ho-ssi, Jo Bo Ah-ssi, and the other actors, I was happy watching this drama! Yoo Seung Ho-ssi! Please have a good rest. I hope to see you in your next work soon!

8. [+26,-0]
This was such a pretty and heart fluttering drama. It will stay in my memory.

9. [+20,-0]
There is no makjang, but there are meaningful messages for the society... The directing is good and there are no acting holes in this healing drama. What a pity that it's ended!!! I've been happy and warm during these times~~!!

Article: Naver 'My Strange Hero' Yoo Seung Ho.Jo Bo Ah.Kwak Dong Yeon, a satisfying ending 

1. [+131,-6]
The chemistry between Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah is definitely the best.

2. [+66,-0]
There has to be more teachers like Teacher Park.

3. [+43,-2]
Yoo Seung Ho-nim talked about not wanting to film dramas in school uniforms anymore. ㅠㅠ It matches him so well.. To be honest, I think that suits him the most.

4. [+38,-2]
Seriously, this is my life drama. You've all worked hard. ❤️

5. [+29,-2]
Ignoring the ratings, this is a good drama. 30 but 17 was great too.

6. [+7,-0]
I like that this isn't an open ending, but a happy ending. And also there are many sweet lovey-dovey scenes with BokSooJung.

7. [+7,-0]
Yoo Seung Ho is cool. He's so adorable.

8. [+6,-0]
I get backstabbed a lot by dramas because they have open endings these days, but the revenge was clean and the romance was fresh for this one. At first, I had my doubts, Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah? Their chemistry? But I didn't know that they would match so well. ♡ Yoo Seung Ho is cool, but Kwak Dong Yeon is cool in this drama too. The chemistry between, the lawyer and prosecutor who were from the Wildflower class were great too. I hope to see Seung Ho in dramas more frequently. ♡

February 5, 2019