[The Fiery Priest] Eps 11 & 12 spoilers, Kim Nam Gil x Lee Honey

Article: Naver 'The Fiery Priest' Lee Honey to Kim Nam Gil who gave her advice, "You should do well yourself" 

1. [+1374,-67]
Wow, the story is the worst these days. Nothing is developing. It's all because of Kim Nam Gil's face, Kim Nam Gil's height, Kim Nam Gil's acting, Kim Nam Gil's voice, Kim Nam Gil's eyes, etc. It's all because of Kim Nam Gil that the ratings are high. A drama that Kim Nam Gil saved on his own.

2. [+721,-9]
I heard that Hae Il got injured the third time. I hope he takes care of his health~ I hope he finishes the filming safely and have a quick recovery.

3. [+632,-18]
The development is too slow. How frustrating. I hope they begin their investigations officially next week.

4. [+406,-20]
Today's episode was interesting. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah, I really like the sister.

5. [+251,-5]
The sister was refreshing today. Jjang.

6. [+137,-7]
I'm watching this for Kim Nam Gil, but it's boring and there's no story.

7. [+121,-1]
The endings and previews are always baiting viewers, but whenever the next episode comes, it's just some boring content... The endings are all similar, aren't they..

8. [+111,-2]
I hope Kim Nam Gil appears in Kim Eun Sook's next drama. He is good at acting, it would be daebak as long as he gets a good story. Of course, he does shine in this drama too.

9. [+103,-1]
I like everything, but the development is too slow and meaningless.. Those damn detectives are cancerous. And they kept getting bullied... Ha... I like the gags, but please give us something refreshing now.

March 5, 2019