[My Fellow Citizens] PILOT Eps 1 & 2 spoilers, Choi Si Won & Lee Yoo Young

Article: Naver 'My Fellow Citizens' Swindler Choi Si Won  detective Lee Yoo Young, odd couple relationship 

1. [+1813,-90]
Why is Choi Si Won appearing already and not reflecting?

2. [+1367,-126]
Shouldn't the dog be euthanized at least for the victim's family who dropped their case? And he even uploaded a picture of his dog on SNS not long after that? Isn't that irresponsible? Does he not have a sense of guilt? A person who has been running away is doing a comeback? Ah... I don't think this is right.

3. [+938,-31]
Are they trying to romanticize swindlers in a drama now? Are the scriptwriters' brains filled with udon? Even if it's just a drama, what would the people who are victims of swindlers think when they watch this drama? Have you thought about how painful they would feel when they watch this? How speechless they would be feeling when they watch how much this drama romanticized swindlers and making it comical? Seriously, it'd be so painful for them. The scriptwriters, directors, all of them are just trash who want to raise viewer ratings. And the dislikeable kids here are leads. A trashy drama that will go down in history.

4. [+559,-29]
Not watching it.

5. [+521,-33]
Is the dog doing fine?

6. [+167,-6]
Do we lack actors in our country? Why do they have to use people who have caused trouble?

7. [+140,-10]
Choi Si Won is the problem. He raised the dog on his own and euthanized it after it killed someone. And he praised Japan. He respects Tokugawa Ieyasu, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Oda Nobunaga the most. But he came out to earn money. How despicable.
- [+10,-0]
He euthanized his dog? Choi Si Won didn't euthanize his dog.

8. [+101,-8]
Even if that was your parent, would you not euthanize it? Why is he out on TvN...?

9. [+97,-6]
Because of this XXX, people who have companion dogs were getting cursed at. I've never unleashed my dog when I take it out for a walk, but because of this crazy person, I get cursed at so many times just by walking.

10. [+84,-2]
Please don't cast people who have controversies!!! The production crew thinks of viewers as fools, don't they?!!! If that's not it, what else could it be?!! *spits* 

Article: Naver 'My Fellow Citizens' Swindler Choi Si Won marries  Detective Lee Yoo Young, Kim Min Jung appears 

1. [+488,-33]
The owner of a dog which murders people is the male lead of a drama. I thought, it shouldn't be KBS, right? But it is.. Wow~ Did the casting crew take their meds?

2. [+352,-24]
What is Choi Si Won saying?? I kept hearing gaesori.
[t/n: gaesori = dog barking literally / or bullshit]

3. [+222,-8]
Look at how thick your face is. You could make a bulletproof vest out of that.

4. [+220,-76]
He came out like it's nothing after killing someone. As expected, it's easy for male celebrities~

5. [+64,-3]
I really think it's not right to cast Choi Si Won... There are lots of male actors around. Why does it... I don't get it.

6. [+61,-2]
Wow, how can he appear in a public tv channel so brazenly... The entertainment industry is really dirty.

Ep 1
April 1, 2019