[Search: WWW] Ep 6 spoilers, Im Soo Jung x Jang Ki Yong

Article: Naver 'Search: WWW' Jang Ki Yong being straight to the point to Im Soo Jung, "Don't show me that weak side of yours. It seems like an opportunity"  

1. [+2407,-9]
In reality, there's no man as cool as Park Mo Gun, no president as nice as Brian, no colleague as righteous and pretty as Cha Yeon, no superior would get you a job in a huge company while you are just a part-time worker in a coffee shop and give you her branded bag... And the more you won't find a husband who pays for his wife's fine for smoking at a hotel in advance...

2. [+1047,-28]
Jang Ki Yong uses those manly eyes to say such sweet lines without holding back. He's really cool.

3. [+926,-8]
The ending is crazy... Is it real that Lee Dong Wook is appearing next week...

4. [+606,-4]
It's God's work to cast Im Soo Jung for the role Bae Ta Mi... The female lead is so charismatic because she talks well and is refreshing.

5. [+604,-8]
He's cheesy and cool at the same time.. He's cute too.. He doesn't seem like he's good at acting, but it seems like he does too.. He also seems chubby.. But is Lee Dong Wook really appearing tomorrow? 'WWW' is so fun!!

6. [+282,-6]
No... Why....??? The story, acting, cinematography, directing, and even the music..... There's nothing they lack in. It's almost a perfect drama. It was even talked about a lot, but the ratings.... What exactly are people watching if they aren't watching this....?!?! They can't be watching that really boring 'One Spring Night', right...? You just fall for the charms of this drama right away even if you watch it for a short while.... Naver isn't taking down these articles intentionally, are they? It's not really found in the entertainment section... This is the most talked about drama these days....

7. [+207,-4]
Please grab that opportunity. I beg you. Please.

8. [+195,-2]
Mo Gun's eyes changed, but why did my heart throb? I couldn't even breathe because I was so nervous. Daebak, this is a million times more exciting than a kiss.

9. [+155,-0]
It feels like Mo Gun's bangs are poking into his eyes, and I want to brush them away so much. But my heart stopped at the ending. Been a while since I've been hit by the lines in a drama. I don't think I can sleep. Oh god.

10. [+128,-0]
Hul... How could they end it there? I won't let them off if they begin the next episode in the morning.

Article: Naver 'Search: WWW' "Ever since I met you" Im Soo Jung reveals her true feelings 

1. [+332,-2]
Their unreserved dialogues are really charismatic and I like that the characters are unique. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Casting Im Soo Jung for the role Bae Ta Mi is God's work.

2. [+280,-7]
Seriously, don't spend money on 'Arthdal' but make 15 more dramas like this. There will be no end to fun on tvN then. [t/n: tvN's slogan]

3. [+152,-1]
I like the drama. It's unrealistic, yet realistic.

4. [+78,-2]
Watch this drama, it's really good.

5. [+38,-0]
This drama's genre is fantasy. The actors' beauty, their lines and the situation they are in. ㅋㅋ They use words that aren't normally used in real life. It's fresh and interesting.

6. [+26,-1]
This is my favorite drama. I cried when Tammy exchanged bags with her junior. It feels like the me in my 20s... I just hit my 40s, but I'm still ashamed.

7. [+9,-0]
All of the lines are masterpieces. ♡ And Jang Ki Yong's voice especially... Ah... ♡

8. [+8,-0]
I was so nervous today.....

June 20, 2019